Ron Enyard
The mid-west's number one Jazz Drummer.

Ron has performed with:

King Pleasure,  Bob Dorough

Josh Breakstone,  Roland Kirk

Al Belletto,  Herb Ellis,

James Williams,  Barney Kessel,

Charlie Rouse,  Woody Shaw,

Dave Liebman, Jamey Aebersold,

Cal Collins,  Vince Wallace,

Bert Wilson &  Paul Plummer






Major concert appearances:

 Center for World Music, Berkeley, CA

Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society, Half Moon Bay, CA


 “Vince Wallace Plays Vince Wallace” (AMP Records)

“Acoustic Jazz Trio” (Jewel Records)

Ron Enyard/Paul Plummer Quartet “Detroit Opium Den” (Resound Records)

Ron Enyard/Paul Plummer Quartet “Driving Music: A Great Concert” Vols. 1 & 2 (Cadence Records)

Ron Enyard/Paul Plummer Trio & Quartet, CD reissue of 2 LP’s of Acoustic Jazz Trio “Detroit Opium Den” (Quixotic Records)

Ron Enyard/Paula Owen “Red, Green and Blues” (Cadence Records)

Ron Enyard/Paula Owen “What is the Magic Happening?” (Cadence Records)

Ron Enyard/Paula Owen Quartet with Cal Collins and Ed Felson “Live at Kaldis” (Cadence Records)

Ron Enyard Trio “Eddie Sears, Remembered” (Resound Records)

Ron Enyard/Bobby Miller Quartet “Live at Herbies” (available June, 2012), (Cadence Records)

Call him at: (513) 256-0662

Ron is a native of Indiana, born October 30, 1936 in Marion.  He started playing percussion instruments when he was twelve.  During his high school years, Ron led many jazz workshop groups that performed around the state.